“What is innovation?”

An internal research project to understand the blockers and drivers of organisational innovation and, in doing so, reposition “innovation” as a foundational way of working for the entire organisation. From this work my team will test new ways of working to enhance collaboration and creative decision making.

More to come soon.

ABC Content Ideas Lab

With a 10m investment in new content initiatives specifically aimed at reaching the 30% of Australians who are not weekly consumers of ABC content (younger and more culturally diverse than core audience), I setup a new team of over 40 to create content, manage cross-divisional collaboration and fast-track implementation of ABC’s International Strategy.

Ongoing or long-running projects include KIDS listen radio station and app; Unravel True Crime on TV, radio, and online; ABC Life; ABC Australia iview and Australia Talks. One-off projects included “Content” drama for vertical video, AR, content experiments for smart speakers and “slow TV” experiment of wild animals live streaming 24.7.

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First to market in Australian voice content

When Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomePod launched in Australia, ABC content was available from day 1. Using my radio industry knowledge and external digital contacts, I lead a cross-divisional team on this project to ensure a smooth launch and first mover advantage.

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Launching ABC listen

As product manager of ABC listen and a member of the ABC Radio Executive, I drew together content, product and marketing to launch Australia’s most successful radio app concurrently with two digital-first podcasts.

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First Run podcasts

I created a rapid 6-month project using a lean start-up approach to produce podcast titles for new audiences. I setup a new way of working, taking a lead from agile product teams and used human centred design to inform commissioning. All three titles launched in the iTunes top-10, including the hit Science Vs (since acquired by Gimlet/Spotify). This lean trial led to the setup of the ABC Audio Studios podcast team.

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